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The Pawty LLC - Raleigh Dog Grooming

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(919) 909-2232

The Pawty LLC Pet Salon Hours: 

Dogs are groomed one to two at a time.  We are only at the pet salon when there is a grooming appointment.  

by Appointment Only - ***Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes early.***  We are only at the pet salon for appointments, we may not be at the pet salon if you arrive earlier.

No Same Day Appointments & No Walk Ins Please

We will call you 15 minutes before your pet is finished so you can be on your way to pick your pet up.  Most small dog grooms take about one to two hours to complete and extra large or long coated dogs can take up to 3 hours to complete. This is for a full groom which includes nail grinding, ear cleaning, bath and full body hair cut. 

If your pet is heavily matted, I may suggest a shave down.  This is to remove all uncomfortable matting that can be painful to your pet and can cause skin infections.  Sometimes owners are not aware of matting as it can be hidden under the coat.  We will notify you right away if we notice matting that can not be brushed out painlessly.  De-matting can be very painful if the matting is severe and we will not provide any service that causes pain to your pet under any circumstances.  There may be other groomers who may painfully de-mat a matted pet, however I am not that kind of groomer.  You are more than welcome to make an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your dog's matting as well as what I can and will not be able to do for your dog.




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